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The Suns's Position and the Cycle of Time - Spiral Path of Twenty-Four Stones
Hermannsdorf am Kronsberg, Hannover, in conjunction with Expo 2000
12 basalt pillars, 12 basalt globes, 12 tree, waterspiral, earth wall

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Hermannsdorf am Kronsberg was built in the course of "EXPO 2000"
outside of Hannover. Hermannsdorf stands for the production of
handmade foods in ecological quality. It is a center for
agriculture and includes production, sales, research and training.

Because of geomantic measurements, Hermannsdorf am Kronsberg and
its building complex were laid out in a spriral form.

The composition takes this situation in hand and accentuates the terrain
with an earth wall which steadily sinks and gives way to a body of
flowing water completing the spiral form in its middle.
The middle is determined by a group of seven basalt pillars which
were found in their original natural location as a compact bundle.